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Packaged Theme Collection

Need a creative & fantastic party theme without any thought? Choose from the popular themes collection! 


Personalized Packages 

Have a theme in mind but need help bringing it to life? Packaged Parties will take your theme & plan a perfect party to meet your needs! 


Packaged Parties

All Inclusive

Choose a theme! We will join you on party day to assist in set up & bring your perfect party to life!


The Reason Behind the Brand 

Executing the perfect party is labor intensive. A perfect party begins with ambience & ends with the addition of small details to bring the theme together. For anyone wanting to host an incredible party, without the time & effort leading up to the gathering, Packaged Parties is the solution! Order your Packaged Party, & in just a few days, a perfectly packaged, themed party will be waiting at your doorstep; simply open the box & set it up, because a perfect party should simply be packaged! 



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